Unblurred - June 2, 2017

4828 Penn Ave.
6:00 - 10:00pm
Push Play: DIY Youth Media Storytelling Presented by the Community Mixtape Project The Community Mixtape Project harnesses the power of media and technology-based arts education to amplify the individual and collective stories of Pittsburgh-area youth. Through our workshops, youth learn digital music-making, creative writing, podcasting, and zine-making skills and use these skills to create shareable media that reflects their own experiences, interests, and creativity.
The work featured in the Community Mixtape Project's Push Play: DIY Youth Media Storytelling was written, produced, and recorded by Pittsburgh-area youth from both the Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh and Assemble. Over the course of 3 years, facilitators Amos Levy and Jess Gold worked with more than 120 youth at individual workshops and a summer intensive to share media-making skills and help guide the creation of Community Mixtape Project content.
This gallery show is a unique opportunity to share youth stories and creative work in a fun and engaging way. Through interactive family workshops, a live podcast taping, and youth performances, we also hope to give public the opportunity to participate in Community Mixtape Project media-making!
Facebook: @assemblePGH
Twitter: @assemblePGH
Instagram: @assemblePGH

Arts & Crafts: Botanica & Occult Shop
4901 Penn Ave.
4 - 11pm
With over 100 types of incense in stock, we have something for everyone! Buy 5 boxes of $1 incense, get 1 free! We also have sage, oils, stones, candles, soap, jewelry, Florida water, and more in stock!
www.facebook.com/artsncraftspgh instagram.com/artsncraftspgh

4901 Penn Ave.
6 - 11pm
Woman: The Art of Danielle Robinson
This exhibit invites you to experience the artistic vision of Danielle Robinson. Come out and enjoy new works by the artist and experience her work up close and personal. Danielle Robinson, visual artist and painter. Danielle has worked with a variety of artists and musicians in the Pittsburgh area. She creates visuals that are a mixture of cartoon/comic style and realism, with acrylic paint on canvas. Her pieces are stories of black women represented as powerful, royal, majestic, dark and fantasy driven. Black women, nature and animals are the inspiration for her body of work. The connection of the three is commonly shown in her work. "We lack representation. We can be powerful just like Superman and Wonder Woman. Black girls NEED to know they are magical...we can have dragons too, ya know..."
-Danielle Robinson

For more information about Danielle:

Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram: daniellerobinsonart
Twitter: @danrobart
www.facebook.com/local412pgh instagram.com/local412pgh

Gluten Free Goat Bakery & Café*
4905 Penn Ave.
5:30 - 8:30pm
Gluten Free Goat Bakery will have Aurochs brewing here to sample and sell their delicious gluten-free locally made beer.
instagram: glutenfreegoat

4907 Penn Ave.
No special event planned for this event, but we are open! Must be 21+ with valid ID. www.mixtapgepgh.com

Los Sabrosos Dance Co.*
4909 Penn Ave.
LS Dance Co. is excited to host a new artist in the studio: Pasquale Pristera. A Pittsburgh-based artist known as the "Zipper Artist". Pasquale was inspired with his theme over ten years ago when he began to see more examples of opening up in the United States to diversity of all kinds. His work reflects on how more work needs to be done in that area. www.lspgh.com

5001 Penn Ave.
7 - 10:30pm
Personal Works by Rebecca Ann Lessner
"My past work has grown from showing how nature overcomes man, how man has reshaped the word nature, and now to how we survive off the wilderness we have defined. Wildlife carries a harsh beauty; it's wild yet it can appear to be fluid and calm. This softness is how I feel when I'm walking down a deer path, or sitting in some branches above a ravine. Feeling the wind wrap through the forest, only hearing bird chatter and then silence.My work centers around the sense of presence we all hunger. While these landscapes appear barren and bleak, the life they house is overwhelming and beautiful. My sculpture works are stemming from a love for the strange, a deep rooted childhood in nature that fed a wild imagination, and the idea that whatever is given to nature - nature will use. With the skulls, I try to give the small details of life a platform to be seen and their voices heard. I remember where I found each crab claw, slipper limpet and birds nest; I collect what's been discarded. However, I realize there is no waste produced from nature, God's country will always give and reclaim."

Law Office of Richard J. Waters/ Dance Emporium
5005 Penn Ave.
7pm - 1:30am
In the Law Office space, Artist/DJ Francis, Pionati coming off of a show in Chicago, will display 20 of his most recent drawings and then DJ Argentine Tango, utilizing his encyclopedic knowledge of Tango Argentino Dance Classics with his usual great aplomb.Bruce Berman will DJ Tango Argentino Nuevo downstairs in the world famous Dance Emporium. Food and beverages will be provided to the intrepid street urchins who dare to enter the mysterious world of our Argentine Tango community here in Pittsburgh. All are welcome.

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination*
5006 Penn Ave.
7 - 10pm
Overgrown In Pittsburgh
The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination is proud to announce its newest exhibition: Overgrown in Pittsburgh. This exhibition features the work of all Pittsburgh-native artists including Joan Brindle and Roshida Abira Ali, as well as examples of work by Jim Brindle and name-sake, Irma Freeman.

Bunker Projects
5106 Penn Ave.
7 - 10pm
The SHRM Troop, new works by current resident Zach Hill.
A coming of age narrative about a group of high school misfits; The SHRM Troop forms as a neurotic, formerly-terminally-ill girl, a stripper, and the only out gay kid in class take a stoner with a secret under their wings. The SHRM Troop showcases costumes, writing, storyboards, and videos pulled from the script. There will be 2 impromptu and participatory performances throughout the evening.

The Mr. Roboto Project*
5106 Penn Ave.
8 - 10pm
Book'Em Benefit Show
First ever Book'Em Benefit Show featuring music from Unreliable Narrator, Mani Pedi, and Ten Thousand Dollars Cash. Book'Em: Books to Prisoners is a volunteer run nonprofit working out of the Thomas Merton center which sends donated books to prisoners. http://bookempa.org/ . All proceeds go to funding the cost to ship books to prisoners. $5 Admission.
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1921952454712937/?hc_location=ufi

5110 Penn Ave.
"Just Because it's June" we're packed to the rafter take advantage of up to 50% off almost everything Retro item and antique in the store to make way for WAY more inventory! Say June, June June and get 20% off new items at July Unblurred. Open First Fridays and by appointment. 412-596-6521
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Workshop PGH*
5122 Penn Ave.
7 - 11pm
Join Workshop PGH for interactive DIY fun and art! Theme: space craft. Then we'll be joined by East End Brewing, sticklers pops and have the Iron City Eats food truck in our garage.

Naturally Clean
5124 Penn Ave.
Open for retail! Come check out our line of eco-friendly cleaning products. www.naturallycleanpgh.com

BOOM Concepts*
5139 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
"Yes, and... the conversation continues" builds off last year's show about sexual assault awareness, breaking taboos around rape culture and community building around experience sharing. This edition will be centered around building healthy relationships after traumatic experiences, breaking through social stigmas around mental heath. https://www.facebook.com/events/1213008838768046/

People's Indian Restaurant*
5147 Penn Ave.
5 - 9:00pm
All you can eat dinner buffet 5pm to 9:30pm $14.95

Garfield Night Market
113 N. Pacific Ave.
6 - 10pm
The Garfield Night Market returns for its 5th season! Featuring vendors selling food, art, jewelry, and other wares, the Night Market is a family-friendly event where you can find some great items and great people. \

BFG Cafe*
5335 Penn Ave.
5 - 8pm
Continued showing of original Susan Wagner oil paintings at the BFG Cafe 5335 Penn Ave. Open from 11 am to 8 pm. classic-sculpture.com

5430 Penn Ave.
5pm - 11pm
Join us for delicious cocktails and small plates!

Farm & Forest*
5437 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
Step inside our magical world of plants at Farm & Forest. We've got a nice selection of plants and gifts so show yourself or someone else some love with a wonderful living gift. We'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a succulent terrarium workshop that begins at 6pm. Register online at www.pghfarmandforest.com
Instagram and Facebook: @pghfarmandforest

Pittsburgh Glass Center*
5472 Penn Ave.
6 - 9pm
Hot Jam is a free open house featuring heat defying acts of art including live glassblowing demonstrations and a contemporary glass art exhibition. Fun for the entire family. www.pittsburghglasscenter.org

Robin's Nest
5504 Penn Ave.
Robin's Nest: Join us for some carnival games and prizes as we celebrate our three-year anniversary!


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