Unblurred - September 2, 2016

4824 Penn Ave.
Family Room: An Exhibit by Naomi Chambers, BirthdayGirl, Sugarfoot, and GG
This exhibit creates a bright colorful space for families and children to feel happy in. A place with perceived activity and curious chaotic harmony that calls for the feeling of unity. Family rooms are an awesome place where love is shown, common sense and life lessons are taught, communal rest and leisure is sought. Please enjoy.

Vagabond Gallery
4828 Penn Ave.
Vagabond Gallery will be holding a one-night pop-up gallery featuring recent work by a selection of local artists.

LevelUp Studios
4836 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
Women in Art
Join us as we celebrate women in our art community we will be showcasing local female artists who are making their vioce heard in Pittsburgh. Free refreshments, interactive art & family fun!!

Arts & Crafts
4901 Penn Ave.
7 - 10pm
Come check out one of the newest additions to Penn Ave! Hosted in the LOCAL 412 space, Arts & Crafts is a botanica and occult shop. We are off to a humble beginning and will be adding lots of new products soon. Stop by to take a look at our extensive stock of over 50 types of incense. We have some other cool things as well, but you have to come by and see for yourself! www.facebook.com/artsncraftspgh instagram.com/artsncraftspgh

4901 Penn Ave.
7 - 10pm
This month's exhibit will focus on the history and struggles of black people in America (police brutality, the civil rights movement, slavery, #blacklivesmatter, etc). Featuring works by Katy DeMent, Anton Bachman, Danielle Robinson, D.S. Kinsel, and Amber. www.facebook.com/local412pgh instagram.com/local412pgh

4907 Penn Ave.
6pm - 1am
Opening reception for artists Yeshua David & Emma Vescio
Music by DJ NateKodi

Yeshua David, originally from New York, moved to Pittsburgh in 2014 and began to pursue an interest in photography that quickly became a passion. His photography primarily focuses on people and their immediate environment. Yeshua prefers candid or improv, as to him, it captures the moment and subject in their most authentic light. He is currently exploring and documenting intimate moments and stories within Pittsburgh's Black neighborhoods in, "Blackburgh." His exhibit will include pieces from Blacksburgh as well as shots gathered from his gallivanting around the city. He will incorporate this series in an upcoming photojournalistic magazine called "American Soup."

Emma Vescio is a Pittsburgh artist. Her work draws from introverted tendencies, black and white photography, an over-analyzation of anything floral, and femininity. Combining her talents of photography, painting, and poetry, Emma allows her work to express her thoughts and feelings.
www.mixtapePGH.com www.iamyesh.com - IG : @yeshua.david www.emmavescio.com NateKodi.com

Bantha Tea Bar*
5002 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
Stream of Consciousness: The art of Ashley Cornwall. Closing show. Music by iPod. www.banthateabar.com

RJW Law Office & Dance Emporium
5005 Penn Ave.
9:30pm - 1:30am
Habeas Corpus Milonga
Come join us as we dance Classic "Golden Age" Argentine Tango music in the Office, and Nuevo/Alternative Tango downstairs in the dance/art space and explore and dance to music from indie/alt,pop, rock to Argentine Tango to groups like Bajofondo, Gotan Project, Otros Aries and whatever arguably fits into the Nuevo/Alternative Argentine Tango musical lexicon. Suggested donation $3. For information contact rjwesquire@gmail.com or 412-721-7771

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination*
5006 Penn Ave.
7 - 10pm
The Knauer Family Art Show Closing. http://www.irmafreeman.org

Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery
5015 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
Genevieve E. T. Barbee-Turner & Marcel Lamont Walker: MWFA Resident Artists
Rock Bottom Beer 21+ with ID while supplies last.
Music by When The Planets - Ambient Set w/ Live Painting by Casey Worthing

A Contemporary History of People, Place, and Things

Genevieve Barbee-Turner is an artist and illustrator working under the banner of The AP Collection and a Resident Artist at Most Wanted Fine Art. For September Unblurred, The AP Collection unveils a deck of cards featuring people, places, and odd things in Pittsburgh. These illustrations capture the change over the past four years in the regions. Subjects in the cards are all past interviewees of The AP Collection podcast and That's What You're Good At­—a contemporary visual history of Pittsburgh, _told through colorful and fantastic depictions of a slice of life from the people who live here. Through these projects Genevieve Barbee-Turner has interviewed over 300 people and from those, a selection were chosen to represent court cards of a deck. Each person's suit and rank has been chosen to reflect both their personal accomplishments and their contribution to the community. They reflect the diverse communities within the city and the blend of old places and new ideas in Pittsburgh.

Genevieve Barbee-Turner creates artwork rooted in collected experiences from the people, places, and things she encounters. Talking to people inspires her drawings, paintings, and prints. She regularly records interviews before creating her portraits, channeling their words in her work. Since the tender age of two (at the displeasure of her parents) she has chatted easily with total strangers—interested in what they have to say and learning from everyone she meets (even if it's what not to do). She's learned a lot by letting others lead. While The AP Collection is not overtly political in nature, the artist behind it and the people she collaborates with believe strongly that everyone has value and deserves an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable planet.

Stuff N Such Society: An Installation Gallery
5015 Penn Ave. (basement)
6 - 10pm

TO TELL THE TROOF: Marcel Lamont (M.L.) Walker

TO TELL THE TROOF is the first solo-gallery show for Pittsburgh artist Marcel Lamont (M.L.) Walker, showcasing highlights from the last several years of his work. Walker is a multi-disciplinarian who works predominantly in the narrative art form of graphic prose, expressed through the medium of comic books and comics-themed illustration. TO TELL THE TROOF showcases a range of artwork that shares a thematic social quality, and utilizes comic-book art to both inform and entertain. While no Black Auteurs (writer-artists) have achieved wide recognition in the field of graphic prose to date, Walker is striving to become an example he hopes to one-day see as commonplace.

The exhibit will include original art from Walker's independently published comic-book series HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL, which is set in Pittsburgh. Also, there will be work the artist has done for projects such as CHUTZ-POW! SUPERHEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST for The Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh, HEROES AND INSPIRATIONS for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and COMIC-TANIUM!, a nationally-touring arts-and-sciences exhibit, among others.

In the Spring of 2016, Walker became the recipient of an award from the Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Fund, made possible by The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments, for the production of the next issue of HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL. This is scheduled to be completed in January 2017. Walker also received an Artists Opportunity Grant from the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, which was used in the preparation of this show.

Mostly Mod/ARTica
5110 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
It's a Summer thing! Come explore and buy from our latest additions to the Mostly Mod and ARTica family of retro finds, antiques, collectibles, jewelry and more! You'll be glad you did! Summer hours: Wednesday-Sunday Noon to 6 pm. https://www.facebook.com/aboutartica

Trusst Lingerie
5125 Penn Ave.
6 - 8:30pm
Stop by Trusst Lingerie for a free bra fitting by our bra fit experts. You can check out our products, learn about the company and add your artistic flair to our Trusst wall of fame.

BOOM Concepts
5139 Penn Ave.
6pm - 9pm
(Our) Liberation: (Our) Recipes & (Our) Secrets is an exhibition by Michael David Battle exploring survival and liberation as it connects to tools and resources available to navigate oppression and violence. Through performance, writing, food, herbs, and visual art, the exhibition is a space of healing that invokes spiritual ritual and ceremony of the African and indigenous diaspora. It challenges ideas around resistance and art and who has access to create, claim and reclaim spaces. "This exhibition is a celebration of the recipes and secrets we have manifested and designed for our own survival in a system that would rather see us dead." https://www.facebook.com/events/1123163104424737/

People's Indian Restaurant*
5147 Penn Ave.
5 - 9:00pm
All you can eat dinner buffet 5pm to 9:30pm $14.95

citySTUDIO Gallery
5159 Penn Ave.
7 - 11pm
Oak Tree - New Text Paintings by Bradley Carter.

Garfield Night Market
N. Pacific (between Penn Ave & Dearborn St).
6 - 10pm
The last Night Market of the season! Come check out our vendors who will be selling food, art, clothing, and other wares! http://garfieldnightmarket.org

BFG Cafe*
5335 Penn Ave.
4 - 8pm
New paintings on display (and for sale) by Susan Wagner. classic-sculpture.com

5430 Penn Ave.
5 - 11pm
Composed small plates and refreshing craft cocktails. www.sporkpittsburgh.com

Robin's Nest
5504 Penn Ave.
Local art, Daily Bling, handbags, jewelry and more; Featured: Paul McMillian and many other wonderful local Pittsburgh artists.

Right Down the Street
Our neighbors in East Liberty are now hosting First Friday events. Take a look! http://exploreeastliberty.com/listings/explore-east-liberty-first-fridays/