Wanna Have An Art Show?

Wanna have an art show? Deadline for submissions is 2/8!

Assemble has an open call out for our 2017 Saturday Crafternoon Residency. More info here! This includes a month-long show at Assemble (with the showing fee of $200 waived) and a stippend for the Saturday Crafternoons workshops that you would be leading. The stippend is dependent on the number of Saturdays in the month, so $400 or $500. Show Opens for Unblurred, the First Friday of the Month.

We also just extended the deadline! (Yes this means we didn't get as many applications as we wanted to...) so in this extension, I hope you will take the time to put a proposal together. If you have questions, you can reach out to Jess Gold (cc'd here) and myself.

Shows at Assemble are not like other spaces. It's not a space to put art on the walls and piece out. We ask the work have aspects that interactive and engaging. We also ask that all artists/makers/technologists/groups have at least one workshop or talk so that they can continue the discussion of their work, opening up their creative processes. The Crafternoons Residency is no different, just specifically gearing those workshops to our Saturday program for K-5th graders. With the show, artists/makers/technologists/groups are welcome to have as many events and you want or we can fit in the month. You will have a key to the space!

Here are the Official words:

Through this RFP process, Assemble will select four artists or collectives for participation in month-long residencies that engage elementary school-aged youth and neighborhood partners in a collaborative process. Chosen artists or collectives will create an experiential, dynamic, and interactive installation at Assemble for a month-long Unblurred gallery show. As the month progresses, the artists or collectives will work with Saturday Crafternoon youth to share skills, incubate creative ideas, and facilitate community-engaged projects that further contribute to the in-house installation. There may be additional opportunities to create relevant public art installations with our youth as well.

HERE IS THE CALL FOR PROPOSALS. http://assemblepgh.org/on-view/call4artists/ If you have any questions or need assistance with your proposal, please feel free to email me or Jess at Jess@assemblepgh.org or call me at 412-540-5349. All RFPs are due via email to proposals@assemblepgh.org by Wednesday 2/8 at 11:59pm.